Welcome to the official website of the Ninth Circuit District Attorney’s Office. The Ninth Judicial Circuit is made up of DeKalb and Cherokee Counties in northeast Alabama, encompassing 1,379 square miles and holding a population of nearly 100,000.

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of DeKalb and Cherokee Counties, I have the responsibility to protect the public as well as to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the State of Alabama.
The mission and purpose of the District Attorney’s Office is to pursue justice and vigorously prosecute criminal cases in our Circuit.  My staff and I work every day to serve the needs of the people in DeKalb and Cherokee Counties. We also strive to assist law enforcement to prevent crime in our communities. In this website, you will find a variety of information on topics ranging from identity theft, to methamphetamine use, to child support enforcement.

I hope this website can be a useful resource to you. If we can be of any assistance please feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and thank you for allowing me the honor of serving as your District Attorney.


Mike O’Dell


The employees of the Ninth Circuit District Attorney's Office, in partnership with the community we serve, are dedicated to the pursuit of truth, justice and protection of the innocent and the prevention of crime through the vigorous and professional prosecution of those who violate the law.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and personal and professional conduct.

We treat each other and all members of the public with dignity and respect.

We accept a shared responsibility for ensuring sound fiscal management, operational efficiency and continuous improvement.

Support for Victims
We will show compassion and understanding to the victims of crime and their families.

Community Partnership
We advocate and support the building of strong and viable partnerships with law enforcement, all members of the criminal justice systems and the community we serve for the purpose of achieving the highest level of public safety for our citizens.

We will be open and forthright in our communications with each other and all those with whom we come in contact.